You may be asking yourself "Why should I build using shipping containers?” Here are some points to consider and peak your interest. 
  • The dimensions of the containers make them easy to combine and modulate.  Almost as if they were made to build.
  • When thought of as "adult legos” its easy to see how they can be shifted and stacked into almost any fashion. 
  • With the precise structure of the containers you know exactly what your getting and working with. 
  • Easy assembly and fast instalment allow the build time using containers over a traditional home to be cut from months to weeks!  Bonus: minimal clean up.
  • The strength of the containers allow them to be stacked and transported 8 units high. So multi level projects are not an issue.
  • All modifications are done at the warehouse leaving us out of your hair until the installation stage, and were in and out before you know it. 
  • The world trusts shipping containers to transport goods across the globe. From cars to food and electronics, safety is what these things are all about.
  • With the global trek, shipping containers are built to withstand the harshest elements this planet has to offer.  Combating the high seas, heavy winds and dry sun heat, containers prove to be air and water tight.  Perfect for the North American climate we face all year long. 
  • All things considered, shipping containers have an endless amount of uses limited only by our imaginations giving way to loads of creativity to reach their full potential.  

Proving extremely useful for home building, shipping containers are not limited to just home.  Here are a few more ideas of which they can be used for;

 Personal Workshop  Home Office  Home Add-On
 Guest House  Hunting Cabin  Parking Garage
 Pools (in/above ground)  Showcase Unit  Camp Ground/cottages
 Green House  Man Cave/She Shack  Children’s Play House
 Mini Cafe  Perfect for temporary or permanent residence