Q - How long is the building process when using shipping containers?

A - Projects will vary depending on size, but typically 8-12 weeks are required

Q - How do the containers hold up against harsh weather conditions?

A - With their structural design, shipping containers are built to withstand some of the most intense weather conditions. Moving across the seas, they have proven themselves durable, water and air tight against extreme weather. 

Q - What sort of financing is available for container construction?

A - Local banks do offer financial options for these types of projects.  Contact us and we will work with you and your banking institution for proper financial aid.

Q - How long do the containers last?
A - Typically shipping containers are used only once after crossing the ocean and have a life span of 30+ years.


Q - Can shipping containers be stacked to build?

A - Even being transported against the high seas these shipping containers are stacked 9 high and reach their destination.  So yes, multi level buildings are no sweat.


Q - How are the containers insulated?

A - To save space the containers are insulated on the outside with spray foam.  Other options are available for under the containers depending on the foundation the customer wants.

Q - Are the containers customizable?

A - The dimensions of the containers are set but can be modulated in various ways.  GLM offers a set of designs ready and approved for immediate construction.  Original ideas must be reviewed for any alterations necessary to move forward.


Q - What additional features are compatible when building with shipping containers?

A - A slanted roof works as a runoff as well as being able to be combined with solar panels.